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Saves time & allows ease of installation of gas hobs.

  • The traditional method of rigid pipework takes longer. Using the Hobflex by Tesla UK will reduce the installation time by half which in turn will save you money.
  • Can be connected to existing gas lines.
  • Flame free installation - No torch, no flux or solder, no system contaminants.
  • No specialist tools required.
  • Manufactured and approved to European Standard EN15266 : 2007, referring to ‘Stainless Steel pliable corrugated tubing kits in buildings for gas with an operating pressure upto 0.5bar’.
  • Can be cut to length if required.
  • Kitemarked and DVGW approved. KM 646363.
  • Suitable for both Natural Gas and LPG.

Please note - this hose must not be fitted to moveable or free standing cookers and must be fitted by a registered gas safe engineer.

Each pack contains:
1 x 1m length of EN15266 semi-rigid pipe
30cm of self amalgamating tape
15mm x DN15 connector
15mm test point ball valve (only included in the Hobflex+)


HOBFLEX gas hob connector kit
HOBFLEX gas hob connector kit with test point valve

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