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Returns Policy

End users and installers

Our products are warrantied for 12 months from the proven date of purchase. If your product develops a fault within this period you should contact your supplier and follow their returns procedure.

Tesla customers

Please complete the Customer Return Form QUA19 and return with the faulty goods along with your own paperwork if applicablem including proof of purchase and supply to the end user. If we find that there is a genuine fault we will credit the cost of the faulty item plus the cost of return carriage (please include this cost on your returns note) provided the goods were supplied within the 12 month warranty period. If there is a claim involved, all details of the claim must be returned with the goods. Failure to do so may result in your claim being rejected.

We will not credit an item where it has been damaged due to customer abuse or is returned incomplete.

Common causes of premature failure

Immersion heaters

Excessive lime scale build up caused failure (we advise titanium in hard or very hard water areas)

Element damaged due to not being fully immersed when activated – this would result in a copper immersion turning a pink colour, and an incoloy immersion turning a darker colour.

Copper has been used in a stainless steel cylinder. This includes incoloy immersion heaters with a copper thermostat pocket (the copper will have turned blue/green). In these instances we recommend using our ALL incoloy model.

A nuisance trip-out has occurred - Nuisance trip-outs are an issue and can be due to a variety of causes including:

  1. Cylinder sited in a poorly ventilated cupboard
  2. Immersion heater not fully immersed in water
  3. Limescale build-up on element


Download Customer Return Form