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Tesla T-Smart E.R.S Pro

Model No. & Description

The divertor enables accurate control of electrical heating loads, such as immersion water heaters. E.R.S is able to smoothly divert additional solar energy to be stored as heat. It does this in partnership with the T-Smart technology, enabling control of your existing heating element meaning no other specialist heating equipment is required. Recovering energy in this way results in an electricity, gas or oil saving.

Advanced Solar Immersion Heating​ – During its daily cycle, a grid connected renewable generator such as solar PV, produces electrical power based on available sunlight. Due to the very nature of this renewable technology the production of power does not always coincide with the demand. When energy production is greater than demand, the surplus is sent back (or exported) to the national grid where your solar energy is used by someone else. This results in lost savings.

T-Smart ERS Pro is designed to divert this excess energy during times of high generation, reducing the amount you export, increasing your savings as well as helping the planet along the way.


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T-Smart E.R.S Pro Immersion and Solar Diverter

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